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Only take your umbrella when necessary, and never be surprised by the rain again!
This app uses the best weather data to tell you live if you're going to need your umbrella in the next 12 hours.
For each hour you will be notified with simple icons and descriptions if it will be sunny, cloudy, rainy or even snowy!
You're going to love opening your digital umbrella every morning to check out how you need to prepare for the day.
Umbrella is very simple: open the app, and our artificial intelligence algorithm will tell you directly if you need to take your umbrella for the day.
Enjoy the beautiful animations of the application and be lulled by the soft sound of the rain, but without getting wet!
The application allows you to geolocate yourself to immediately give you the weather forecast for the next twelve hours, or to manually enter GPS coordinates in order to know if you will need your umbrella at your destination!

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Best Features


The application lets you get the wind at your precise location, anywhere you are.

Accurate data

This application uses the best weather data to provide you with the accurate wind speed and direction of the location you are at.

International units

You can convert the wind speed in all international units : metric, imperial, knots, and more.

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Artificial intelligence

You can switch to the Marine widely used Beaufort scale.

next 12 hours

This app uses the best weather data to tell you live if you're going to need your umbrella in the next 12 hours.


Take advantage of the Umbrella app and get out covered!


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